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All about feet

Taking care of your feet is one of the most critical controllable elements a trekker must do. A simple blister or sore can be incredibly painful and be enough to take someone out of the journey. Additionally, you do not want to look back on a track and remember the aching blustering feet. You want to retain the beautiful views and tranquil moments. So, precautions need to be taken so these moments can be avoided. Every experienced trekker has different methods that they prefer, but these are just a few that worked for me.

Break in boots

Do not go for a 50 km in brand new boots. While it seems like a good idea, brand new boots do not have flexibility nor have formed to your feet. So, by first breaking them in you are allowing the shoe to mould to your foot. This flexibility of the shoe will avoid some blisters from forming.


Vaseline is one of the best lubricants to use to avoid blisters. Ultra-marathon runners use creams to reduce friction and help to keep feet dry.

Double socks

Getting sweaty feet is unavoidable when trekking. However, by using the double sock method, the sweat will not have direct contact with the skin. By having the second sock, the sweat will move to the outer layer which will keep your feet dry.


Lastly, use athletic tape and apply to prone hotspots like your toes and heels. The tape will act like a second skin which will in-turn keep your feet dry and prevent blisters from forming. It is essential that the tape has no wrinkles and is laid smoothly. If there are pockets of air, that is where the water will gather which will cause a bigger blister. Additionally, the tape must not be put down too tight as you will lose circulation.

However, you must try these methods before your journey as what works for me may not work for you. Sometimes it is all about trial and error.

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