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Hiking in hot weather

As we head into hotter weather, people need to be cautious about hiking in warm weather. Below are some tips to ensure you have a good experience walking even when the sun is out.

1. Early hikes

As the weather gets hotter, leaving earlier in the morning is essential. This way you’re still able to complete the trek while minimising your sun exposure. Nobody likes to wake up early, but if you pack the night before it is not too bad.

2. Hydration

While exercising staying hydrated is essential. However, physical training in the sun requires twice the amount of water. Being dehydrated or heat exhaustion is not fun, so it’s best to avoid it. This can be done by drinking lots of fluids before and after the trek, while having little sips throughout and avoiding the hottest parts of the day which is between 10am and 2pm.

3. Salts

Re-balancing electrolytes are essential as you need to replace the salts you are losing. One of the best ways to do this is to eat chips or biscuits with salt on them.

4. Plan hike

If you plan for the worst, worst case scenario will be the best case scenario. Plan for the experience and fitness level.

5. Organise for all situations

Make sure you check the forecast and fire ready. When planning the hike, you need to take the forecast into account and where every body of water is.

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