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Run, you, Run!

People are built to run. Our survival instinct is to run away from danger. Many experts believe we are made the way we are to run. But, it is ironic because I find running the most challenging activity to find motivation for. There are so many mental blocks when it comes to running. Either, you cannot find any way to run, don’t have the right outfit or even various aches and pains.

Contrary to popular belief, running actually helps improve knee health. But, there are many benefits to running as it does improve both your physical and mental fitness so it shouldn’t be something that is ignored. So experts even say it is the closest thing to a miracle drug. So, even a 30 minute run at your chosen pace can improve your mental health.

However, finding the motivation to run in sometimes to hardest part. If you break it down into simple tasks, it can become a more straightforward exercise to do. First, just get dressed. Once this is down people, usually find it a lot easier to find their way out the door. From there get your towel and water bottle because you don’t want to forget those. Soon after that you will find yourself out of the front door and running on the streets of your local neighbourhood or to your car to start driving to your gym. But, the important thing is you know your own limits because while I talk about pushing yourself, sometimes going too hard can cause more harm than good.

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