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The benefits of a group

Adventures and treks are often seen as solo ventures to find or discover oneself. However, walking groups have many benefits for someone’s emotional and physical fitness. Many people love the idea of being independent, but it can be quite lonely which can take a toll on one’s emotional health.

Studies show that walking groups help with blood pressure, heart rate, total cholesterol and mood. Since people are in a group, they are more inclined to work harder than what they would do if they were by themselves. The research found that walking in groups, on average, experienced more meaningful improvements in lung power, over physical functioning and general fitness.

Nevertheless, studies also showed that walking in groups fulfilled more than physical needs. The same study showed that people tended to have better moods after joining a walking group. Due to the social interactions and connections made in the group, people can let go of more daily stress than what they would if they were alone.

Walking groups are beneficial for a wide range of people. Those who are often isolated from social interactions to people who seek to improve their fitness; there is something for everyone. Walking is a low-to-moderate activity that can be done by everyone. So, I ask you, when was the last time you went for a walk for a group of mates?

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