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What do you need to know about training

Training is an essential part of any trek. All treks require different levels of fitness and knowledge needed to be able to walk safely and for long periods of time. While trekking is perceived to be easy, it can be straining on the muscles, and without proper training, it can be harmful especially when you have no phone reception. So, to avoid any trouble you have to train sufficiently. Now, a lot of people wonder how long before they should start training. We recommend 8 – 12 weeks before the trek. While dieting is a big part of this, ensuring that you train at least more than once a week will ensure that you are in the perfect condition for the track.

At EEE, we recommend walking whenever possible. While walking on flat grounds might get miles in the legs it is not helpful for the fitness needed to trek. Walking on hills and doing inclines at the gym will be more beneficial for your fitness and are necessary to complete the event. If you are looking for specific exercises we recommend:

- Step Ups

- Squats

- Lunges

- Walking backwards

- Sit-ups

- Alternate arm and leg raises

Additionally, stretching is significant not to cause any injuries. The eight areas we recommend are:

1. Lower back

2. Figure four

3. Glute

4. Hamstring

5. Quad

6. Calf

7. Soleus / Achilles

8. Chest

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