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When tragedy strikes…

There is a shared love, hate relationship with the sun. The sun is fantastic that is not a question. However, getting sunburnt is the worst. By now, everyone should know how to decrease the chance of getting sunburnt: wearing sunscreen, clothes that cover the majority of the body and a hat. But, what do you do if you do get burnt? Well, I have made a list of three products that will help reduce the uncomfortableness of burns. (Preferably in this order)

1. Moisturiser

What is the perfect moisturise to buy? Well, you need to get one that has Shea butter and/or Aloe Vera in it. These two ingredients will ensure that the skin is not dry and begin the healing process.

2. Ice packs

You don’t have the necessarily use ice packs. Just something cold the will cool down your skin. This could be a cold towel or shower. Sometimes, for the severe burns, a combination of a cool down and then an ice pack will help the best. However, you need to be careful with this step as if it is too cold it could enhance the dryness in the skin and cause the burn to be more painful. Remember that skin that is burnt is, so it needs to be treated with care. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, just enough time to allow the skin to cool down.

3. Coconut oil

This is the most critical step. After the skin has cooled down, just apply the oil to the affected areas. In 2012 there was a study conducted that proved that applying lotions with high fats can help speed up the process of healing as well as reducing the dryness. Also, in 2014 there was a study done that hypothesised that Lauric acid, which is in coconut oil, has antibacterial abilities. So, coconut oil can help fight any infections as well as speeding up healing and reducing dryness.

In conclusion, there will never be a treatment that heals sunburns. But there are ways to help stop the unconformable and/or itchy feeling. When these three steps are combined, you may be a little cold and oily for a couple of days, but it will make a difference at least it has for me.

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