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Why is Dementia such an important issue?

Research shows we are closer to an answer for Dementia than ever before. The Queensland Brain Institute put out a magazine called "The Brain: Dementia." It covers many problems surrounding Dementia including why we must continue to talk about it. The writers from UQ predict that without any treatment by the year 2056 the cost of the condition on the government will escalate to $37 billion. Particularly since the advancement in medicine, we have an ageing population. Two hundred forty-four people are estimated to be diagnosed each day with that number expected to triple within the next 40 years. With these numbers, it exposes an even more critical cost which is people from, doctors, careers, patients to families. The situation for people who live remotely is even more difficult. In conclusion, Dementia is an important topic that needs to be talked about further so we can end the fight and find a cure.

You can read more "The Brain: Dementia" by following this link

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